Artists Songs
GAY RETARD 2 songs
Billie Eilish 50 songs
Dua Lipa 0 songs
BackstreetBoys 0 songs
xxxtentacion 50 songs
Imagine Dragons 54 songs
Juice Wrld 52 songs
Cardi B 22 songs
6ix9ine 11 songs
Lil Peep 50 songs
Avicii 17 songs
Avril Lavigne 9 songs
BTS 51 songs
Ed Sheeran 23 songs
Post Malone 28 songs
Shawn Mendes 2 songs
Maroon 5 0 songs
Ariana Grande 51 songs
Camila Cabello 2 songs
J Balvin 11 songs
Random 5602 songs
SNOOP DOGG 13 songs
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